Bookkeeping Services


Are you spending all of your time plugging numbers and data into spreadsheets? This is a time-suck that many property owners and managers fall into, especially when they take on multiple properties. You don’t need constant help or a full-time employee, but a little assistance every month would free up your time considerably, right?

The internet is brimming with software that promises to make accounting simple – but really, nothing takes the place of someone sitting down with your receipts, and entering the numbers for dollars in, and dollars out. You know there are no real shortcuts, but, that doesn’t mean you have to spend all your time doing it!

We provide rental property bookkeeping services for the Houston area that you can take advantage of when you need them – ie. part-time.  Using our property management software, we provide you with accounting reports you can access when you need them through the 360 Realty Management owner’s portal – at the end of each week, bi-monthly, or once a month.  You can review them and pull reports from them any time. We keep track of rent collection, security deposits, contractor payments, maintenance payments, and other financial responsibilities, which, come tax time, will help you calculate tax deductions.

With experience in property rentals and rental property tax requirements, we’ll have your spreadsheets primed for when you need to enter the numbers in to Schedule E of the IRS Form 1040, and all of the other additional forms, so you can take advantage of every possible tax break on your property. Don’t forget to ask us about our Property Tax Evaluation services!