Houston Eviction Services

 Do your tenants pretend they’re not home when you come knocking? You can see their truck in the driveway; they’re not fooling anybody.

If your tenants refuse to pay rent and avoid your calls, don’t let them waste your time. Call us and ask about our Houston Eviction Services. We’ll handle every step of the process for you so you can go back to enjoying your life.

First, we will personally deliver the 3-Day Notice to the residence. This is the first step before filing a court case and is usually scary enough to get their attention. Your tenants might pay up then and there. If they still refuse to pay, then we go to court for you and fill out the paperwork for the Petition for Eviction.

Next, we attend the court case for you, and then wait five days for tenants to appeal the judge’s decision or move out. If your problem tenants still refuse to vacate, we give them 24 hours notice before arriving at their door with the moving van. Yes, we personally come to the residence to make sure they leave.

But – hopefully it won’t come to that. In our experience, tenants will find the money to pay the rent and back rent they owe long before we start carrying out their couches. Don’t spend months trying to contact, reason-with, argue-with, or negotiate with your problem tenant. Let us take that worry off your shoulders.

If you’re tired of trying to talk to indifferent, unpleasant, angry, stressed, and most importantly, non- paying tenants – call us instead. We get results, and we’re friendly too. 

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