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About Bellaire

Bellaire, Texas has a distinct ring to it – probably because you’re immediately thinking of the Fresh Prince. Unlike its California counterpart, the city of Bellaire in Texas is known as the “City of Homes” as it’s a residential mecca. Single-family residences and multi-family residences alike are found in Bellaire, where housing is the focus.

Trees, Charm and Community

One of the best aspects of living in Bellaire is its dedication to family friendly amenities. A seemingly infinite number of parks are sprinkled throughout the city limits: playgrounds, softball fields, picnic tables, nature trails and open green space await. Many streets in Bellaire are named for trees, a nod to all the greenery. Which tree-inspired street will your Bellaire house be on?

The 50’s-inspired downtown of Bellaire is home to annual Fourth of July parades and faux-snow in the park celebrations for the winter season – temperate year-round climates ensure real snow is a rarity. Our single family and multi-family residential property management services can assist you in finding just the right home for you.

A Place to Work, A Place to Live

Homes are not all Bellaire has to offer. Opportunities for employment are abundant as AT&T, Chevron and Frost Bank all have campuses within the city limits. When work is over, life in Bellaire is sweet. Downtown’s oak tree lined streets offer a variety of dining and shopping options for locals, and are a great place to entertain out of town guests. In fact, it’s been known for visitors to become life-long residences of Bellaire.

Quick Facts:

• As of 2000, Bellaire is the 27th wealthiest location in Texas by per capita income.

• Bellaire was founded in 1908 by William Wright Baldwin, who was the president of the South End Land Company.

• Bellaire prohibits smoking in public parks, and dogs in non-dog parks.

• The Bellaire Buzz is a monthly magazine about people, products and services in the community.