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About Clear Lake City

Clear Lake City, though young, keeps the Galveston Bay Area pulsing. A super-community tucked into Galveston Bay, Clear Lake City’s focus on family housing and residential amenities is a thriving example of the American Dream: friendly neighbors, the feeling of limitless possibilities, and cultural events.

Heart of the Bay

It’s no wonder Clear Lake City is the unofficial heart of the Galveston Bay Area: they host their own arts organization, the Arts Alliance at Clear Lake, which regularly schedules art programs and performances. Along with the Clear Lake City Symphony and the Bay Area Houston Ballet, there’s always a reason to scoot your family out the door of your newly purchased house.

Speaking of Kids

Proudly hosting their own school-district, Clear Lake City boasts four public high schools and private schools as well, so the choice of education is yours. Plus, NASA’s famed Johnson Space Center is right in Clear Lake City’s backyard, along with Boeing and Lockheed-Martin – imagine the field trip and internship opportunities for your kids! Stargazing from your single-family home is a must in this Clear Lake City. Annual air-science related events include the Wings Over Houston Air Fest and the Ballunar Festival – sure to be a hit with the entire family.

Like Clear Lake City, we too are focused on family and finding just the right neighborhood. We’re in the single family and multi-family property management business because of our belief that every family should be part of the community that meets their needs. 360 Property Management is always ready to answer your questions about leasing, investing in, or buying a house in Clear Lake City.

Quick Facts:

• The community was named Clear Lake City for Clear Lake.