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About Cy-Fair

Cypress-Fairbanks, affectionately coined Cy-Fair for short, is a residential and commercial development of Houston. Touting a mid-sized population of just over 120,000, this suburban community is one of Houston’s largest and most well-known.

Geography of Home

A long, rich history precedes the Cy-Fair urban cluster in southern Houston. Not only was this neighborhood originally settled by Atakapan Indians, followed by German settlers, it is also among the 50th highest-income areas in America.

Whether you are in the market for leasing a home, finding an investment property, or buying your first house, Cy-Fair is a great place to start your search. With thickly wooded forests to the north and grassy prairie ranchland to the south, Cypress-Fairbanks, or Cy-Fair for short, has an abundance of biodiversity sure to catch any home-buyers eye.

Something for Everyone

Of course, as a single and multi-family property management company, we know how you decide where to live is partially dependent upon residential amenities – in other words, things to do in your neighborhood. Cy-Fair’s diverse terrain means there is a lot to do, no matter what your interests are.

The Cypress Creek Greenway Project trailhead is in Cy-Fair and links major parks along Cypress Creek with hiking trails, biking trails, and horseback riding trails. Making Cy-Fair home also means proximity to The Berry Center, which features a football stadium, basketball arena, conference center, auditorium, multimedia production, and catering facility. Plus, there’s the Northwest Forest Conference Center, complete with a life size replica of the Alamo.

360 Realty can assist in buying a home, investing in property, or leasing in Cy-Fair. We are happy to answer your questions about property management on all levels – it’s what we do! If you’re a potential tenant, owner, or realtor and want to know more about calling Cy-Fair home, we’d love to talk to you.

Quick Facts:

• Cy-Fair encompasses 186 square miles and includes Cypress and the city of Jersey Village.