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About Houston Heights

Commonly referred to as “The Heights”, Houston Heights is a community in northwest-central Houston, Texas. Annexed by the City of Houston, the Heights were originally established as suburb of Houston by Oscar Martin Carter in 1891. Its purpose was to serve as a community for people that did not want to live within the city limits, but still be close to its conveniences.

The Heights is comprised primarily of young professionals that work in Downtown Houston.

Quick Facts:

• Houston Heights was one of Texas’ earliest “planned communities”.

• Houston Heights has a prohibition of the sale of alcoholic beverages, which was passed in 1912 and upheld as of 2000.

• Located in the Northside district, the Houston Fire Department operates Station 15 out of Houston Heights.

• Houston Heights is part of District C of the Houston City Council.

• The Houston Heights Post Office is located at 1050 Yale Street.

• Houston Heights operates a branch of Houston Community College.

• Houston Heights operates six elementary schools, two middle schools, and two high schools, along with two charter schools and three private schools.

• Houston Height’s neighborhood library is located at 1302 Heights Boulevard.

• Houston Heights contains two community centers, Milroy Park and Community Center and Love Park and Community Center.