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360 Realty Property Management provides everything from property listings, to property management, to eviction services, and everything in between.

Managing Investment Property

Managing Investment Property With A Houston Property Management Company


For information about easy investment property management, call us today at 281-859-5959.


If you came to Houston as a student, researcher, or corporate employee, you might have property in the area that you don't want to let go of. If you find a job elsewhere at a time when both rents and housing prices are increasing in the city and suburbs, you may want to hold onto your property as an investment. You will find value in working with a property management company in Houston to take care of your property, even if you've moved away from the area.

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Use A Houston Property Management Firm To Find The Best Housing

 Use A Property Management Firm To Find A Great Home In Houston


To get started finding the best place in the city, call Houston’s best property management firm today at 281-859-5959.


If you are moving to Houston as a medical resident, researcher, or contract worker in the oil industry, finding great housing can be challenging. Rental prices have been steadily rising over the last few years, while home values are on the increase as well. Houston is full of great neighborhoods to choose from that are convenient to your job and feature attractions you’ll love. The best way to find your place in the Houston housing market is to work with a property management firm that specializes in finding homes for sale or rent in Houston proper, as well as in suburbs such as Katy, Cyprus, Spring, and more.

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Make Being A Landlord Easy With 360 Realty Management

Whether you are a veteran investor with multiple rental properties, or new landlord ready to lease out your first property, 360 Realty Management can make your life easier with comprehensive property management services.


The Realities Of Being A Landlord


No matter how much you like being a property owner when the rent checks come in, the realities of being an owner are not always so rosy. As a landlord, you can also face:


·         Being stuck with an undesirable tenant despite your attempts to pre-screen

·         Middle-of-the-night calls for repairs

·         Unreasonable requests for upgrades

·         Negotiating with service people when repairs are necessary

·         Property damage from careless tenants

·         Late rent payments

·         Eviction of non-paying renters

·         Cleaning and repair between occupancy

·         Accounting nightmares, as you attempt to calculate your expenses and the profitability of each property


Unless your fulltime job is caring for and managing your property, you may find that property ownership takes more time and becomes more of a hassle than you ever thought possible. The responsibilities can be overwhelming, especially if you travel a lot in your job, if you own property in another state, or you are not able to manage it all due to your own health or life responsibilities.


Benefits Of Using 360 Realty Management


When you turn your property management over to 360 Realty Management, you will continue to receive your rent checks without the downsides of hands-on interaction with tenants. From pre-screening tenants to accounting reports, we do it all. This includes:


·         Marketing and pricing your property, whether it is a single-family home, condo, townhome, or apartment building

·         Finding the right candidate and properly evaluating their background

·         Handling the cleaning to prepare for new tenants

·         Taking care of basic maintenance and repairs

·         Arranging for repairs with outside vendors

·         Handling all communication with tenants

·         Depositing rent payments right into your bank account

·         Collecting rent

·         Managing evictions when necessary

·         Providing reports to your tax advisor or accountant


Property Information On Demand


While we handle these details for you, you always have information about your property readily available online. By simply logging into the Owner's Portal on our owner services page, you will see the most current information about your property, including:


·         Tenant names

·         Tenant leases

·         Rent rolls

·         Budgets that include plant repairs and contingency funds

·         Payment ledger

·         Move-in condition reports on your property

·         Pending maintenance requests

·         Lease renewal information

·         Financial reports


On our Owners Portal, you can even make payments online. However, despite the robust nature of our online services, we are always available to speak with you in person about your property, and assist you in improving your experience of being a landlord.


360 Realty Management Makes Ownership Easy


360 Realty Management handles properties in  Houston, Katy, Cypress, Spring, and other locations throughout Texas. Since we know the area very well, we can help you find great tenants and even find great properties when you are looking to expand your holdings. As we are affiliated with HAR Realty, we can even help you sell a rental property to a current tenant or on the open market.


For information about our extensive, cost-effective services for landlords, contact us today at 281.947.3350.

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Housing Resolutions For 2017

If you are renting a home or apartment from 360 Realty Management, you might be reassessing your housing plans for 2017. Are you planning on buying a home or wanting to upgrade your residence or move closer to work? On the other hand, do you anticipate staying put for the foreseeable future but are considering repairs and improvements that will make you happier in your current location? In any case, it is important to know the policies for renters regarding all these things to make your plans go smoothly.


Coordinate Your Move With Your Lease


The easiest time to move is when your lease is up, as you simply opt out of renewing your lease 45 to 60 days before its expiration. If you can coordinate your move with your lease, you can leave with no further obligation. However, as we discussed in our recent blog Buy A Home When You Wish With Early Termination Options, 360 Realty Management is willing to let you out of your lease if either you or we can find a suitable tenant to run out the lease term.


Communication with us is key. We know that you do not want to miss out on the house of your dreams because of the lease; if you keep us in the loop about your plans, we will gladly help you move on.

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Counting The Costs Of Your New Houston Apartment

In our recent blog "Know Your Rights & Responsibilities When Renting Property In Houston" (link), we discussed the economic requirements for renting property in Houston. Regardless of what the requirements are on paper, the most important thing for you to be concerned with as a renter, and later on as a buyer, is whether the property is affordable to you. Property management companies like 360 Realty Management specify that you need a monthly income at least three times the amount of rent to qualify for a property, but you need to look at the total picture to make sure you can comfortably afford a potential new location. Aside from looking at your own finances, you should consider the terms of your proposed lease and research the area.

What Other Costs Does A Property Entail?

Computing affordability is about much more than the amount of the rent. You also have to consider other costs such as:

  • Upfront costs, including security deposit and pet deposit.
  • HOA fees, if applicable.
  • Utilities, including connection fees, deposits, and monthly costs.
  • Lawn care costs, which often fall on you in single-family homes.
  • Repair costs, even if the landlord is responsible for some costs.

By looking at the rental agreement or rental documents on file on the 360 Realty Management website, you can get a clearer idea of the true costs of living in the property. The lease agreement will specify how you can minimize your costs. For example, if you pay online, you may pay less than if you pay in person. By paying on time, you will prevent late charges and other penalties. When you need repairs, you can prevent paying out-of-pocket by agreeing to the schedule of service, requesting service in regular working hours, and keeping appointments.

How Much Does It Cost To Live In A Specific Neighborhood?

Aside from the cost of living in a specific property, you have to think of the cost of living in a particular neighborhood. Even if you do not feel the peer pressure of "keeping up with the Joneses," extra expenses involved in enjoying your new home might stress your budget.

You will want to ask yourself some other questions such as:

  • How long is the commute to work? Will you have added costs for public transit, tolls, or parking if you live in a particular location?
  • Are amenities such as shopping and restaurants more costly in the area?
  • Will you have additional costs for school tuition and childcare due to the quality of the public school system and convenience to you?
  • Are there free and low-cost attractions for you and your family or will you incur additional costs to enjoy parks, swimming pools, and other things your family might enjoy?

360 Realty Management Offers Tools To Evaluate Costs

In determining the cost of living in a neighborhood, the Internet offers you many research tools. For example, you can research the basics about areas in greater Houston by starting to click on parts of town such Downtown Houston, Sugar Land, or Cypress as listed in the Locations We Serve on every page. By supplementing the basic information you will find there with data you find on Wikipedia and real estate sites such as Zillow, Trulia, and Realtor.com, you can determine the cost of living in specific neighborhoods. You can also evaluate area schools to find out how they perform.

Equipped with the broader picture about the cost of living, you can make a better decision about the best property to rent in Houston. For information about specific 360 Realty Management properties, contact us today at 281.859.5959.

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Know Your Rights & Responsibilities When Renting Property In Houston

When you rent a Houston home or apartment through 360 Realty Management, you have assurances you are renting a great property through a process that protects your legal rights. The property management company, acting on behalf of area landlords, complies with all provisions of the Federal Fair Housing Act (FFHA), the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), and state and local fair housing laws.

Getting Approved For Housing

When you put in an application for a property, 360 Realty Management offers an application to anyone who requests one and pays the $45 application fee. Unfortunately, not everyone who applies for housing gets it; you must qualify based on seven impartial factors:

  • Income verification.
  • Employment verification and history.
  • Rental verification and history.
  • Credit history.
  • Criminal background check.
  • Terrorist database search.
  • Pet criteria.

The properties the company manages are available at fair market value, and your financial status and history must indicate your ability to pay rent and other apartment costs in a timely manner. You will not face discrimination based on religion, race, color, sex, age, handicap, family status, national origin, sexual orientation, or gender identity. These criteria are considered protected classifications, where the law clearly prevents you from being turned down for these reasons.

Your Criminal Record May Not Disqualify You

While a past mistake that has left you with a criminal record does not necessarily disqualify you, the landlord has a right to know if you might be a threat to neighborhood safety and security. Recent rulings by the Department of Housing and Urban Development caution that landlords cannot use a criminal history as a blanket reason for refusing to rent property unless the offense involves the manufacture or distribution of drugs.

Landlords, and property management companies that handle their renters, should have policies that take into account the nature of the offense, when it occurred, and what the applicant has done since. Any policies must be uniformly applied to all applicants, or refusing to offer an application or approve a rental for a specific applicant could be considered a violation of fair housing laws.

Financial Criteria For Renting And Apartment

Renting an apartment is a business proposition, so verifying that you have enough income to take your obligations, and a track record of doing so in the past, is just good business for landlords. You must be able to prove that:

  • Your income is at least three times the monthly rent.
  • Your income is verifiable through paycheck stubs, savings account records, accepted job offer for transfers into the area, and, in some cases, tax records.
  • You have met your obligations to past landlords.
  • Your credit record puts up no red flags about your past and present ability and willingness to pay.
  • When you need an apartment, your ability to pay is a key factor in whether you will be approved for property or not.

Working With A Property Management Company

If your income is not sufficient for a particular property, 360 Realty Management, which manages properties throughout the Houston area, might be able to suggest other properties that better match your financial picture. For more information on renting a place that won't leave you house poor, check out our application process or contact us at 281.859.5959.

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Maintenance Service From Your Houston Property Management Company

When you rent a Houston home, one advantage is that you can call for service when you need it and usually expect your landlord to cover the costs. Most property management companies have written policies that help their tenants request maintenance when needed. To get service when you need it without incurring extra costs, it pays to familiarize yourself with the terms of your lease.

Understanding Service Calls

While you might assume that you could get maintenance service anytime, the management company is concerned with balancing your needs with their costs. Maintenance services are most reasonably priced during daytime hours, while service in the evening, at night, or on weekends is more costly. Your management company, landlord, or outside companies who provide service have to pay a premium at those times, so are likely to put limitations on when they will provide service or require you to contribute to some of the extra cost.

As a result, there are usually rules in place that govern:

  • What you are expected to do yourself
  • When and how to call for service
  • What is considered an emergency
  • What are your responsibilities for being present during repairs

When you rent property managed by 360 Realty Management, you receive a hard copy of your lease and have continuous access to our policies right on your computer in the documents section of Tenant Services to prevent any misunderstanding.

Your Responsibility When You Rent A Home

As a renter, your landlord or the management company will take care of major repair jobs in the home, but you are expected to water and maintain the lawn, add salt to the water softener, replace AC filters, change smoke alarm batteries, clean carpets, and perform other small maintenance tasks. If you notice a problem with rodents and insects after you have moved in, you should call a reputable pest control company to take care of the problem.

How Your Houston Property Management Company Processes Service Requests

When you need service beyond these basic tasks, call (281) 859-5959 for emergencies only, request service at the Resident Portal, or send a fax to (281) 596-4370. 360 Realty Management handles repairs in the order in which they are received, according to the following schedule:

  • Emergency maintenance, including fires, floods, sewage backups, gas odors, broken water pipes, or fallen trees within 5 to 8 hours. Obviously, you should call 911 for fires or the gas company if you smell gas before notifying us.
  • Urgent maintenance, including most plumbing repairs, broken windows, loose railings, wobbly decks, electrical problem, within 2 to 4 days.
  • Normal maintenance, including appliance repair, leaky faucets, garage repairs, within 4-8 days.
  • Nonessential maintenance, such as fence repair, within 30 days.

Scheduling Repairs For Service Requests

Except for emergency repairs, maintenance jobs are scheduled between 9 AM and 5 PM Monday through Friday. If you report an emergency that does not meet the proper criteria, you may be liable for any additional charges that the service company passes on to us.

If the time frame for maintenance causes you inconvenience, you might wish to call a repair person on your own. However, 360 Realty Management will not reimburse you, and if the technician finds a major problem, you need to get permission from the management company before proceeding.

360 Realty Management of Houston is anxious to provide needed service to you. However, renting a home is different from renting an apartment, as there is not an on-site maintenance staff to accommodate minor problems. While you do not own the property, you have more responsibilities for maintenance when your property is a home rather than a unit in a building.

If you have questions, your property management company is willing to help you. Just contact us online or by calling (281) 859-5959.

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Buy A Home When You Wish With Early Lease Termination Options

For many people in America, home ownership is a desirable goal to be pursued when the timing and the finances line up correctly. The ideal time to make a change from renting to owning your home is when your lease is ready to expire, but property management companies are often helpful if you should need to end your lease early because you've bought a house.

Finding A Home During Your Lease

360 Realty Management is affiliated with real estate agents in the Houston area who will gladly help you find a home. If the owner of the house you are currently renting decides to sell, we can even help you purchase it yourself rather than move.

Navigating Early Termination

To minimize the costs associated with moving out, especially if you're breaking a lease, it's important to know the early termination provisions of your rental agreement. Here is what you need to do:

  • Let us know you are leaving. When you leave a property managed by 360 Property Management, you must submit a form from the Texas Association of Realtors called the Notice of Tenants Intent to Vacate, which indicates when your lease ends, when you will vacate the property, and whether you wish to terminate early.
  • Help us find a new tenant. If you are leaving early because you've purchased a home, the management company is happy to release you from your lease as long as you assist them in re-renting the property. You can either do this yourself or put it in the hands of 360 by paying a re-letting charge. If you find a new tenant yourself, the person must be approved by the management company.
  • Know your obligations until a new tenant is in place. Until a new tenant leases the property and starts paying rent or if you are unable to find a new tenant, you are liable for your lease until it ends. You must also pay other obligations such as utilities and yard maintenance until the new renter assumes these bills. As with any other time you leave a property, you are responsible for cleaning the property as well as having the carpets professionally cleaned.
  • Make marketing the property easy. No matter when you plan to vacate your rental home, you are required to allow the management company to show the property to other potential tenants. The landlord or the property management company may place a lockbox on the door so the real estate agents can show your property, which you should always keep ready for a showing.
  • Follow all the rules for vacating the property. In order to get your security deposit back, you need to clean the property. According to the specifications in the lease, turn in all keys and vacate the property as agreed.

360 Realty Management Wants To Help Your Transition

Whether you are moving to another Houston property or you want to buy your current one, communicating with 360 Realty Management will make your transition smooth. For information, contact us via our website or call us today at (281) 859-5959.

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Owner Services Make Being A Landlord Easy

The best part of being a landlord is receiving your rent payment. The downside is what you have to do to get it. Collecting rent is one of the responsibilities of having tenants, but it can be inconvenient for you to chase down the payment they owe you. Making rent collection easier is one of the many reasons why landlords in Houston turn to 360 Realty & Property Management.

Defining A Landlord's Dream Tenant

Tenants who move into your property fall into four categories:

  • Responsible tenants with the proper resources to make their rent payment on time every month
  • Ordinarily responsible tenants who have an occasional problem that may make them late, or who fall into a temporary situation such as illness or job loss that disrupts the normal payment schedule
  • Tenants who always have an excuse for being late every month
  • Irresponsible tenants who you have to virtually chase down to receive what they agreed to pay you

Your ideal tenant is one who pays on time and who does not make unnecessary demands on you, but how do you get a tenant like this? Even if you try to prescreen applicants, you may end up renting to someone who sounded good on paper but who quickly ends up being a problem tenant who doesn't pay.

Owner Services Landlords Love

When you work with a property management firm, the advantages start before a tenant even moves in.

  • 360 Realty & Property Management advertises on the local MLS and on more than 30 additional websites to create a large pool of qualified applicants. We then carefully screen applicants to reduce the likelihood that your new tenants will be a problem.
  • Once a tenant has moved into your apartment, we have strict policies for rent collection. Your rent is due on or before the first day of the month and tenants have no grace period after that, even if the first falls on a Sunday or holiday. Tenants are charged a penalty if they are late or if they fail to use our convenient online payment system.

While our strict collection policies may sound harsh to clients who are temporarily in a bad situation, our policy is to apply fair housing rules to all tenants. The benefit to you is that you always receive your rent each month in a timely manner. We understand that as a landlord, you have planned to collect that money at a certain time; if you do not get it, it is only fair that you receive compensation for your inconvenience.

  • Should it be necessary to evict a tenant, we handle that for you. When a tenant wants to move on, we even have procedures in place to make sure that you receive the proper notice and that the property is left in good condition.

Let 360 Realty & Property Management Oversee Your Property

Working with 360 Realty & Property Management takes away much of the stress art of being a landlord. In return for a reasonable monthly fee, we find you good tenants, manage them while they are in your property, and transition your property to a new tenant when the time comes. For information on how our property management services can help you, contact us today at 281-859-5959.

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Why Choose An Apartment With A Property Management Company In Houston?

Looking for an apartment? To get the service you need, make sure your new home will be tended to by a good property management company in Houston. This will ensure that you are moving into a property that will be well cared for and where the management will be responsive should you have a problem of any kind.

Why Choose An Apartment With A Property Management Company In Houston

Especially if you are new to a city such as Houston, you can be at the mercy of the landlord when you agree to rent a new place. They may say that the property is in good or that they will be responsive if your refrigerator goes out or your bathtub won't drain, but unless you have talked to a former resident, you have no idea whether they will do as they say. You could find yourself paying rent to someone who won't answer your calls or who takes their time arranging for service.

As a tenant, part of the reason why you choose to rent a place rather than buying, even if you are financially equipped to do so, is that you want to live in a place that is trouble-free. You want to be able to call someone if something breaks. You want the facilities to be maintained without your having to take care of them yourself. Especially if you have moved to the Houston area for medical school or for a busy job, you may not want the burden of basic home repair at this time in your life.

Why Select A Property Managed By 360 Realty

In Houston, one of the best property management firms you can work with is 360 Realty Management Company. There are several advantages in choosing a property we run.

  • As a manager of many single-family and multi-family properties in the Houston area, we can help you find a place that is just right for you. Especially if you are new to the city, it can be helpful to have an experienced property manager on your side to find a convenient location that fits in your budget.
  • Everything you need to know, from the terms of the lease to lead paint disclosures to pet policies, is conveniently captured online. Before you agree to lease a property, you can read the terms that will apply to you.
  • We are the managers for multiple landlords and endeavor to treat all tenants fairly. The procedures for requesting repairs are clearly stated. You can even report repair issues online in a special tenant portal.
  • When you are ready to move, 360 Realty Management has the resources to either direct you to another rental property or even help you find a home to purchase through our realty division.

If you are looking to rent a new apartment or single-family home, check out what 360 Property & Property Management has to offer by calling us today at 281-947-3350.

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Using A Property Management Company In Houston Keeps Tenants Happy

When you are a landlord, it is in your best interest to have happy tenants. While you may have attracted tenants to your property based on the location, features, and condition of the property, what keeps tenants satisfied for the long run is the ease of living there. Your tenants are busy people with a lineup of family, personal, and business obligations, who want their living space to be seamlessly integrated into the rest of their lives.

Whether you live nearby or far from the Houston area, you know that your tenants will receive the high quality services that you might not have time to provide yourself when you place your property in the hands of 360 Realty Management.

Ensuring A Positive Rental Experience For Your Tenants

Keeping good tenants helps keep the expenses of being a landlord in check. What is a scenario that keeps tenants happy with their landlord and ready to stay on for many years?

  • They know exactly what is expected of them. They know the terms of their lease and understand their responsibilities regarding timely rent payment and property upkeep.
  • Paying the rent is convenient. Offering online rent payment allows candidates to make their payments on time without having to go into the rental office.
  • Their rights are protected. They know their rights and responsibilities even if the property should go into foreclosure or if the property is being shown to potential new tenants.
  • They are confident that you will maintain the property. You have a system in place for making repairs so that tenants are proud to live there and your property maintains its value.
  • They can get service when they need it. Requesting service is easy online or by phone.

When you utilize the property management services of 360 Realty Management, the tenant has online access to all information regarding their rights and responsibilities.

Keeping Tenant Management Profitable For You

Providing service to tenants involves costs to you that you may wish to pass on to your renters. When you work with the property management company, you clarify what services you will offer as a part of the rent and what will come with a cost to the occupants. By having this information posted online, tenants are aware of how to obtain service at minimal cost, while also informing them of what they might have to pay in fees if they request services at a time outside when you can reasonably perform them.

360 Realty Management treats all tenants the same, so that you never have to deal with complaints of preferential service. You earn the reputation for being a fair landlord.

Call 360 Realty, An Experienced Property Management Company In Houston

With a decade of experience in Houston property management, 360 Realty & Property Management offers 24/7 service to tenants, which means you'll never get a phone call at 3:00 in the morning because the furnace is broken. We handle all aspects of keeping the tenant experience convenient and profitable for you, while providing tenants with services they can trust. Since we are licensed contractors, we will fix the property in a workmanlike way that will preserve your investment while keeping the tenants satisfied that you are fulfilling your responsibilities as a landlord.

For information about having 360 Property & Property Management work for you, call us today at 281-859-5959.

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Prevent The Risks Of Vacant Property With A Property Management Firm

Even if you love the Houston area, your job or family circumstances may take you away for a time. But it won't necessarily be forever; once your military commitment is up, your out-of-town job assignment is completed, or your family circumstances change, you will want to come back and reclaim your home. How do you take care of it while you are gone without it being an inconvenience? How do you rent it to someone with the assurance that it will be well cared for in your absence? By placing your beloved home in the hands of 360 Property Management, you can sure that your home will be well maintained in your absence.

Protect Your Home From The Perils Of Vacancy

When you move out of town, leaving your home vacant is a risk, as unoccupied homes are attractive to vandals, squatters, and burglars. The structure and mechanical systems of homes are not designed to be abandoned for long periods of time; an unoccupied home can suffer from undetected weather damage that leads to expensive repairs and long-term problems. In addition, in your new location you'll incur living expenses, which means you must support two households from one income. When you rent out your home to a trustworthy buyer, you make sure it does not suffer the perils of vacancy, while also turning it into an income producer.

Protect Your Property From Bad Tenants

Orchestrating the process of finding and vetting a buyer can be time-consuming and stressful. If you made a poor selection, evicting your tenant can turn into a costly legal battle that you must manage from a distance while simultaneously finding a replacement tenant. By using a property management company in Houston, you will be certain that the tenant you accept has the income to pay the rent and the rental history to suggest they will be a reliable tenant. If the situation does not work out, you have a local advocate who will evict the tenant and arrange showings to obtain a replacement.

Protect Your Asset From Disrepair And Fraud

For many landlords, one of the biggest hassles of being distant from the property you own is regular maintenance or improvements on the home. You have to rely on the tenants' description of the problem and either find a repair service or rely on the tenant to do so. This can put you in a precarious position as your property may not be repaired correctly or you may be billed for work that was not performed or not really needed. When a property management company is involved, the tenant will rest assured that repairs will be performed when needed and you don't run the risk of fraud or deception.

Entrust Your Home To 360 Property Management

When you leave your home, leave it in the hands of the professionals at 360 Property Management. With over 10 years of experience matching up renters and properties, we will make sure that your property is occupied by reliable tenants while ensuring that it is kept in good condition. For more information, check out our website or contact us today at 281-859-5959.

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Managing Investment Property With A Houston Property Management Company

If you came to Houston as a student, researcher, or corporate employee, you might have property in the area that you don't want to let go of. If you find a job elsewhere at a time when both rents and housing prices are increasing in the city and suburbs, you may want to hold onto your property as an investment. You will find value in working with a property management company in Houston to take care of your property, even if you've moved away from the area.

Meeting The Challenges Of Having Tenants

Managing property from out of town can be a challenge, whether you are talking about screening applicants, showing your property, negotiating leases, collecting rent, managing maintenance requests, and in the worst case scenario, handling evictions. Your Houston property management company takes the burden out of being a landlord with a complete menu of tenant services that translates to easy ownership for you.

While you might not have time to properly assess the market to determine the optimal rent you could get, a good management company will provide you with a comparative market rents analysis. By factoring in variables such as type of home, location, number of bedrooms and bathrooms, age, condition, and lot size, then comparing the results with homes recently rented in your neighborhood, the company can suggest a fair range for renting your property and the market value. You may find that your home will rent for more than you thought.

Entrust Your Tenants To The Professionals

In Houston, those new to town may want apartment living or a single-family home; your property management firm shows both types of property, depending on the client's preferences. With an active base of new prospective renters, you are likely to see great interest in your property without compromising on price.

Your challenges as a landlord when managing the property yourself have just begun as you screen prospective tenants, run credit checks, and hope for the best when you find a renter who is happy to pay what you request. Working with professional managers, you are more likely to find tenants who will reliably pay the rent.

It is an investor's responsibility to keep the property in good condition, which means both attending to maintenance and making improvements as needed. When you’re out of town, it can be hard to meet tenant needs at inconvenient times because the sink is stopped up or there is a leak in the roof. A management company will handle all aspects of the tenant experience, including responding to requests for service and inspecting the property to make sure that the structure is sound.

Call 360 Realty, An Experienced Property Management Company In Houston

360 Realty & Property Management is a Houston-based company with nearly a decade of experience in property management in Houston. The company operates 24/7, which means ultimate convenience for both you and your tenants. As licensed contractors, we will inspect the property before and after a tenant moves in to assess its condition and let you know what we find. We not only manage all aspects of collecting deposits and monthly rents, but we can even provide you with bookkeeping services that will come in handy at tax time. For information about easy investment property management, call us today at 281-859-5959.

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Use A Property Management Firm To Find A Great Home In Houston

hill-homehill-homeIf you are moving to Houston as a medical resident, researcher, or contract worker in the oil industry, finding great housing can be challenging. Rental prices have been steadily rising over the last few years, while home values are on the increase as well. Houston is full of great neighborhoods to choose from that are convenient to your job and feature attractions you’ll love. The best way to find your place in the Houston housing market is to work with a property management firm that specializes in finding homes for sale or rent in Houston proper, as well as in suburbs such as Katy, Cyprus, Spring, and more.

What Do You Want In Your Houston Neighborhood?

When moving to Houston, what is the most important thing to you?

  • Lifestyle: Do you prefer to be in a high-rise? In a home in an historic district? Near downtown excitement? In a master-planned community? Houston offers a variety of homes, townhouses, and apartments for purchase or lease in surroundings where you’ll feel at home. A good property management firm in Houston can help you find just the right apartment or single-family home right in the city or beyond.
  • Convenience. Especially if you work in the medical field where you might work shifts or have to respond to emergencies, being near to work is particularly important. Light rail downtown makes it easy to catch transportation to the hospitals that make up Texas Medical Center, while shuttles get you when you need to be. Your Houston property management company can help you sort out the market and even find you an affordable home or apartment that runs a shuttle to the hospitals.
  • Recreation. Houston is a city famed for its public and private golf courses and its network of 337 city parks, including Herman Park, which is home to the Houston Zoo and the Houston Museum of Natural Science. In addition, every major sport except hockey has a franchise in the area and many of the universities in the area have teams as well, which means that sports fans have plenty of venues for enjoying games. Downtown is also home to a large skate park, a water park, and a race track. Houston is the 23rd most walkable major city in the country.
  • Culture. Downtown Houston offers a 17-block theater district where you can enjoy entertainment of all types, including live drama, dance, opera, music, movies, concerts, standup comedy, and more. The area also features the Space Center and numerous museums.
  • Restaurants and shopping. Houston offers the Galleria, the largest shopping mall in Texas, along with plenty of additional shopping and restaurants for your enjoyment. A welcome addition to downtown is Chinatown and the Mahatma Gandhi District, where you can enjoy international cuisine and boutique shopping.

Leave Your Search To A Versatile Property Management Firm

No matter what you value in your living quarters, there is a Houston neighborhood that is right for you, with access to the types of activities you enjoy doing. While you could research various locations and call apartment complexes yourself, working with 360 Realty & Property Management makes finding the right place easy. As an experienced property management company in Houston, we can help you find the right property to rent or buy. If you choose to rent, we will be your one-stop location for rent payment, maintenance issues, and lease renewal through our online tenant services portal.

To get started finding the best place in the city, call Houston’s best property management firm today at 281-859-5959.

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