Housing Resolutions For 2017

If you are renting a home or apartment from 360 Realty Management, you might be reassessing your housing plans for 2017. Are you planning on buying a home or wanting to upgrade your residence or move closer to work? On the other hand, do you anticipate staying put for the foreseeable future but are considering repairs and improvements that will make you happier in your current location? In any case, it is important to know the policies for renters regarding all these things to make your plans go smoothly.


Coordinate Your Move With Your Lease


The easiest time to move is when your lease is up, as you simply opt out of renewing your lease 45 to 60 days before its expiration. If you can coordinate your move with your lease, you can leave with no further obligation. However, as we discussed in our recent blog Buy A Home When You Wish With Early Termination Options, 360 Realty Management is willing to let you out of your lease if either you or we can find a suitable tenant to run out the lease term.


Communication with us is key. We know that you do not want to miss out on the house of your dreams because of the lease; if you keep us in the loop about your plans, we will gladly help you move on.


Getting Authorizations For Upgrades


Maybe you have no plans of moving next year, but you would like to spruce up your home. Since your home is a rental that we are managing for the owner, you must obtain permission for any upgrades you want to make with paint or wallpaper, flooring, outdoor landscaping, installation of a basketball or other sports equipment, security systems, fences, etc.

Just submit a request to us that we will discuss with the owner. Unless the property was unsafe or damaged prior to moving in, it is unlikely that the owner will pay for any upgrade, but you still must obtain permission to alter the property. When you move, you may have to bring the property back to its original condition, so we may ask you to provide an estimate for restoring the property. We will ask you to sign an agreement about the alterations or repairs, which will put in writing either the owner's willingness to accept your alterations when you leave or your responsibility for restoring the property to its original state.


Temporary Improvements


If you decide to limit your home improvements to simple things such as new pictures on the wall, we encourage you to use Command Hooks or similar products that hold pictures without damaging the wall. If you do use nails or screws to hold up your pictures, will need to fix the wall before you move out of the property. If you have a heavy mirror or picture, it is best to contact 360 Realty for suggestions before potentially damaging the wall and paint.

360 Realty Management wants you to enjoy your property, while respecting the owner's rights - just as you would expect if you owned rental property.


Happy 2017 From 360 Realty Management


As 2017 approaches, think carefully about your housing plans for the year. 360 Realty Management wishes you a happy new year as you continue your housing journey with us. For information about our properties, contact us at 281.947.3350.

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