Make Being A Landlord Easy With 360 Realty Management

Whether you are a veteran investor with multiple rental properties, or new landlord ready to lease out your first property, 360 Realty Management can make your life easier with comprehensive property management services.


The Realities Of Being A Landlord


No matter how much you like being a property owner when the rent checks come in, the realities of being an owner are not always so rosy. As a landlord, you can also face:


·         Being stuck with an undesirable tenant despite your attempts to pre-screen

·         Middle-of-the-night calls for repairs

·         Unreasonable requests for upgrades

·         Negotiating with service people when repairs are necessary

·         Property damage from careless tenants

·         Late rent payments

·         Eviction of non-paying renters

·         Cleaning and repair between occupancy

·         Accounting nightmares, as you attempt to calculate your expenses and the profitability of each property


Unless your fulltime job is caring for and managing your property, you may find that property ownership takes more time and becomes more of a hassle than you ever thought possible. The responsibilities can be overwhelming, especially if you travel a lot in your job, if you own property in another state, or you are not able to manage it all due to your own health or life responsibilities.


Benefits Of Using 360 Realty Management


When you turn your property management over to 360 Realty Management, you will continue to receive your rent checks without the downsides of hands-on interaction with tenants. From pre-screening tenants to accounting reports, we do it all. This includes:


·         Marketing and pricing your property, whether it is a single-family home, condo, townhome, or apartment building

·         Finding the right candidate and properly evaluating their background

·         Handling the cleaning to prepare for new tenants

·         Taking care of basic maintenance and repairs

·         Arranging for repairs with outside vendors

·         Handling all communication with tenants

·         Depositing rent payments right into your bank account

·         Collecting rent

·         Managing evictions when necessary

·         Providing reports to your tax advisor or accountant


Property Information On Demand


While we handle these details for you, you always have information about your property readily available online. By simply logging into the Owner's Portal on our owner services page, you will see the most current information about your property, including:


·         Tenant names

·         Tenant leases

·         Rent rolls

·         Budgets that include plant repairs and contingency funds

·         Payment ledger

·         Move-in condition reports on your property

·         Pending maintenance requests

·         Lease renewal information

·         Financial reports


On our Owners Portal, you can even make payments online. However, despite the robust nature of our online services, we are always available to speak with you in person about your property, and assist you in improving your experience of being a landlord.


360 Realty Management Makes Ownership Easy


360 Realty Management handles properties in  Houston, Katy, Cypress, Spring, and other locations throughout Texas. Since we know the area very well, we can help you find great tenants and even find great properties when you are looking to expand your holdings. As we are affiliated with HAR Realty, we can even help you sell a rental property to a current tenant or on the open market.


For information about our extensive, cost-effective services for landlords, contact us today at 281.947.3350.

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