The best part of being a landlord is receiving your rent payment. The downside is what you have to do to get it. Collecting rent is one of the responsibilities of having tenants, but it can be inconvenient for you to chase down the payment they owe you. Making rent collection easier is one of the many reasons why landlords in Houston turn to 360 Realty & Property Management.

Defining A Landlord's Dream Tenant

Tenants who move into your property fall into four categories:

Your ideal tenant is one who pays on time and who does not make unnecessary demands on you, but how do you get a tenant like this? Even if you try to prescreen applicants, you may end up renting to someone who sounded good on paper but who quickly ends up being a problem tenant who doesn't pay.

Owner Services Landlords Love

When you work with a property management firm, the advantages start before a tenant even moves in.

While our strict collection policies may sound harsh to clients who are temporarily in a bad situation, our policy is to apply fair housing rules to all tenants. The benefit to you is that you always receive your rent each month in a timely manner. We understand that as a landlord, you have planned to collect that money at a certain time; if you do not get it, it is only fair that you receive compensation for your inconvenience.

Let 360 Realty & Property Management Oversee Your Property

Working with 360 Realty & Property Management takes away much of the stress art of being a landlord. In return for a reasonable monthly fee, we find you good tenants, manage them while they are in your property, and transition your property to a new tenant when the time comes. For information on how our property management services can help you, contact us today at 281-859-5959.