Preparing Residential Lease Agreements

Your apartment or house lease agreement is a legal document that outlines the expectations for both landlord and tenant. It’s the structure that supports your professional relationship, and taking proper care and precautions when preparing residential lease agreements ensures that your relationship gets off to a healthy start.

The 360 Realty Management team can handle all the preparation work for residential lease agreements and lease renewals, including giving the tenant notice of when their lease is about to expire. As your property management team, we will go through the rental unit with the new prospective tenant, answering questions and addressing concerns. We will then sit down with your tenant and explain the terms of the lease, answer any questions they may have, and – with permission – negotiate terms within reason (ie. the tenant requests a reasonable repair before move-in). Prior to move-in, we are also available to provide rental unit inspection services to ensure safety measures (such as locks and smoke detectors) are up to code and that appliances and utilities are in working order.

Of course, no rental property is free of complications, and sometimes tenants want to wriggle out of their lease agreements early. We’re available to help here too, since we know your rights as a property owner inside and out. We also thoroughly understand Texas tenants’ rights – what they can, and cannot do.

You can rest assured that your legal bases are well-covered, and that your tenant and property are taken care of with the best possible customer service.