Property Tax Evaluation Information

If you own property in this country, you’re taxed on it. And, very possibly, you’re being overtaxed. As experts in the field of property management and development, we can help you challenge your property tax valuation with the documentation you need to win.

Property taxes are based on the monetary value of your property as determined by the district appraiser. But that doesn’t mean that all appraisals are accurate or cannot be contested. All property owners have the right to protest their property taxes based on their property’s value and applicable exemptions. You can challenge the appraisal, but you have to have facts on which to base that challenge. That’s where we can help.

One of the key steps to protesting your property appraisal is to have a statement from an independent appraiser itemizing defects, such as a cracked foundation, ancient plumbing, or other problems not immediately apparent on the district’s appraiser’s cursory inspection. With years of experience in residential construction and property value appraisals, we will check every inch of your property to make sure you are taxed fairly and appropriately. We will compare our findings against those of the district appraiser and look for any discrepancies (Did they get the square footage right? Did they notice the cracked foundation?). Then, we’ll research the actual market value of your property using Comparative Market Analysis of similar properties in your area. We will provide you with photos and documentation on the real market value of your property to help you make your case.

Don’t give the government more money than you have to. Call 360 Realty Management today.