Single Family & Multi-Family Property Mangement

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You’re just about to dive into your dinner, fresh and hot off the grill, when your phone rings. Without even looking, you know who it is. It’s that tenant. What is it this time? Another clogged drain pipe? A busted sprinkler (like the time they backed over the sprinkler head with their SUV)?

If that situation sounds all too familiar, it’s time to consider hiring 360 Realty Management so you can finally finish your dinner.

Whether you want to rent your home, rent several houses, or invest in a whole complex of apartments, we’re here to make your properties profitable and stress-free.

Single-Family Property Management

Over the past five years the foreclosure crisis has turned more than 3 million homeowners into renters, and the younger generations that would have been home-buyers a decade ago now opt to rent due to the uncertain economic climate. These factors combine to build the popularity of renting Single Family Homes to an all-time high: these homes make up 52 percent of the residential rental market. And did you know that single family homes rent for 1.5 times the rates of multifamily rentals? If you’re a property owner, now is the time to rent it out! We’re here to help.

Multi-Family Property Management

The apartment market is booming in Houston with demand for rental units consistently outstripping supply. Recent reports of job growth means that this trend will likely continue. You remember your economics class – when demand increases and supply remains the same, prices rise, and that is exactly what is forecast to happen over the next year. It’s a great time to be in the multi-family rental market, but let us help you do even better. We’ll ensure you get the best value for your property and ensure your tenants get their best value too.

Our experienced team of property experts come from backgrounds in real estate investment and sales, real estate development, planning and design, and of course, property management. That well-rounded range of experience allows us to not only handle the day-to-day managerial tasks with ease, but help you excel in the rental industry.

Have a particularly problematic tenant? We handle evictions too!