Tenant Screening

360 Realty Management is a full-service property management company, which means we can handle every detail of your property for you – including tenant screening.

Time was that a handshake and a promise was all you needed to strike a deal for all but the most complicated of transactions. The extent of tenant screening was whether you had a good feeling about a person. While we like to think of our customer service as old-fashioned and personal, we have to acknowledge that times have changed, and thorough tenant screening – including consumer credit history, criminal background checks, employment verification, and rental history – are necessary for doing safe business.

As part of our Houston-area rental property management services, 360 Realty Management provides landlords, property managers and realtors with the research they need to screen potential tenants. While you can hire a service that allows you to plug in some basic information and receive a “report in minutes,” we perform the due diligence that only the personal touch can accomplish. We’ll contact previous landlords to ask about the renter’s history, including whether they did damage to the property, had noise complaints called on them, and paid on time; and we will also contact the renter’s employer to verify that they have stable income.

Call 360 Realty Management today to minimize your risk when renting, and provide a safe, comfortable environment for all of your tenants. You might not be able to seal a deal with a handshake anymore, but we’ll make sure you have a good feeling about your next renters (with our research to back it up).